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How can we create a digital concept that lets Ray-Ban engage with the online world of the consumer? By letting the brand intertwine with the world of filters, selfies and panorama shots. Drawing on the popularity of fans taking photos with reflections in their Ray-Ban sunglasses, an integrated campaign was created where the #Reflections app is the catalyst. The app lets every selfie leverage the users’ creativity by letting them blend 2 pictures into one reflection.

Just tap and hold and the app will automatically switch from front to back camera and then blend your images. Then use filters modeled after the Ray-Ban glasses to enhance your reflections. The app lets you shoot, edit and share unique double exposure pictures and fits the lifestyle of Ray-Ban fans perfectly: giving them the possibility to create their own stunning artwork on a device they know best.

Fan-made visual platform

Ray-Ban x Reflections was activated on social media channels and allows users to share their photos to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and the #Reflections community. They can even get featured on the website/in the app by using thematic hashtags. A section of Ray-Ban’s website ( is updated daily with the most stunning #Reflections, allowing inspirational browsing. By using thematic hashtags such as #blackandwhite or #neverhide, fans get featured on the website and in the app.

Every user has their own #Reflections account filled with his or her artful pictures. Users can browse through the different accounts or hashtags to view the most stunning #Reflections curated by Ray-Ban.

The crowdsourced content was used on several digital platforms and also in the Ray-Ban flagship store, transforming it into a Reflections exhibition. The countless user generated Reflections inspired throughout different media such as posters and flyers, ads and other print outings.

User Interface / Flow App

After a simple login in the Reflections app, users can explore the latest featured Reflections. We take advantage of the entire screen area to show the Reflections as detailed as possible.

Users can simply tap a Reflection to discover captions, where it was shot, which lens was used, etc...

Taking a Reflection is super easy: just tap the screen once and the app will take and blend a picture with both your front- and backside camera. Add a custom Ray-Ban filter, edit your picture with one of the handy tools and get featured! An extra feature allows users to pull their favorite pictures from their library. Blend them and create even more #Reflections.

Some Reflections

Flagship Store

The #Reflections concept was made tangible with in-store material for the Flagship store in London. A ‘how to’ movie, together with unique double exposure artworks were shown on screens in Ray-Ban’s flagship store. See photos below from Sartoria Comunicazione.

Social media & Coverage

The concept was featured on various websites and blogs like Contagious, Marketing Land, Adformatie and others. And, in March the app was rewarded with a Mobile of the Day by The FWA.

Numbers (since January 2015)

Launched at the end of January 2015, the #Reflections app has been downloaded well over 36,000 times. And tens of thousands of #Reflections have already been created.

36 000
App Downloads
Daily Uploads
10 000
Total Uploads